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The Aviation Research Group (ARG/US) audits an operator’s maintenance records, flight history, insurance coverage, the frequency of aircraft inspections and an operator’s ability to meet or exceed FAA standards. Other factors include pilot training, flight hours and medical records.

ARG/US has four rating tiers for operators: Does Not Qualify, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum. All ARG/US-rated operators must provide the auditing firm with its latest records to ensure that they’re cleared before each flight.

Wyvern Consulting provides services to operators in the U.S., the company offers different levels of audits that comply with aviation industry standards. Registered Operator is the entry-level program in which operators have their records on file in the Registered Standard PASS Program that Wyvern’s corporate, operator and broker clients have access to review.  

All operators follow the CDC guidelines to ensure a virus free experience. Our policy goes above and beyond by taking digital thermometers of each pilot and crew member daily, virus free cleaning detail before and after every flight, maintaining social distancing at all times and more. Contact an Experience manager to discuss the safest coronavirus travel solution for your private charter experience.  

 On Demand Jet requires prior notification to all firearms beforehand. Must have proper licenses and along with possible additional permits and certificate notifications for final destinations prior to departure.  

All charter trips are to be paid at the time of agreeing to the itinerary provided by On Demand Jet. On Demand Jet will pay the operator directly.  


Operators also specify in what currency they want to be paid and must be paid in this form of currency. Any currency exchange fees are the sole responsibility of the Client. 


Charters are paid directly to the operators by On Demand Jet after the contract has been signed. Payment arrangements are made in the form of bank wire transfer or credit card. 

Refunds for charter flights are always pursuant to the Operators terms and conditions and On Demand Jet reserves the right to retain a cancellation fee in certain instances. Any currency exchange fee, foreign exchange rate difference, refund fees, transfer fees, wire fees, or bank fees are the sole responsibility of the Client receiving such refund. 


Many operators we work with are very flexible with dates and times and will hold the plane when you are running behind schedule. Please contact your Experience Manager immediately to coordinate what works best for you. 

We help our clients book charters to Europe and around the world. Let us know your travel needs to give you the best experience. 


Please call us to find out the best options for your group for business or entertainment. We have private charter solutions for all your travel needs. 

Please sign up for our daily empty leg newsletter. Discounts are 25%-50% for certain days and destinations.   

All catering must be submitted up to 2 days prior to your charter. Let us know your culinary diet restrictions for the best in-flight catering options for you and your charter guests.  


All pets must be pre-approved by our operators prior to departure. You may take pets to the U.K. with a valid passport. There are restrictions on arriving in the U.K. with pets which include a DEFRA approved carrier and to a DEFRA approved airport. 

 On Demand Jet provides the best in-flight catering and special requests for your next charter. Please contact us with more details to exceed expectations! 

Over 8 years. The founder has been in aviation since 1999.


Most airports in the United States allow private charter passengers to be driven right up to the aircraft. Please coordinate with your ODJ Experience Manager prior to your day of departure. 

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