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The On Demand Jet Advantage

The On Demand Jet Advantage connects private aviation success with personalized service. Our company aligns our core values with our clients expectations to arrange the most reliable private jet charter experience every time. 

Our partners' long range jets are quietly raising expectations and eyebrows.


4,428 miles





6,490 miles




Our Partners' Available Charter Fleets

While working with On Demand Jet, you determine what time is best for you to fly and where. Our partners’ pilots are available 24/7 to bring you to your desired destination.

The flexibility that chartered jets offers is ideal for many types of clients. Our partners’ pilots are here to make your travel easier and run as smoothly as possible for the best private jet charter experience.

The privacy offered is ideal to conduct meetings, go over confidential business, catch up with family members or just relax and take a nap.

Safety is at the center of our core values. Every charter operator meets the ARGUS and/or WYVERN standards for safety to provide the safest private jet charter experience for your next trip.

In this unprecedented time we wish you and your family health and safety.

Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

On Demand Jet and our operators go above and beyond the CDC guidelines to ensure a coronavirus free experience. To safeguard passengers and crew, On Demand Jet has taken additional measures in coordination with our operators to further strengthen safety and security procedures. Our team and partners provide daily health monitoring for flight and ground crew, social distancing where applicable, daily charter fleet deep cleaning before every flight, digital thermometers on-board every flight to monitor crew and passengers along with masks and gloves to be used where permitted. All cleaning procedures exceed CDC guidelines for a virus free experience. Contact your On Demand Jet Experience Manager with further questions regarding our partners’ safety measures.

Make trips. Plant trees.

On Demand Jet is committed to sustainable private jet aviation. Our carbon neutral program plants a minimum of 100 trees for every charter coordinated by our dedicated Experience Managers. On Demand Jet is a climate change agent and committed leader by supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Climate Change goals.

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