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Our Spirit of Flying

The spirit of flying started for the founder Brandon Johnson as young as two years old watching planes at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. The big planes, the loud sounds of engines and all the activity inspired him so much that when he turned 15, he began learning how to fly and became a private pilot at the age of 17.  By the time he was 23 years old he was flying for an airline. Flying the EMB-145, a 50 passenger jet.

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Why On Demand Jet

As your travel needs change, the private aircraft charter experience is the best way to travel. The airlines are filled and the airport security lines are long. Now is the time to discover the private jet charter solution for you!

Transparency is Key

The best relationships in life are open and honest. When you choose On Demand Jet, you receive the highest level of communication and transparency in private aircraft charter aviation. We are committed to our customers having a safe, smooth and secure private jet charter experience.

Carbon Neutral Sustainable Aviation Program

Our company is committed to sustainability in private jet charter aviation. Our program ensures every charter booked through On Demand Jet has a carbon neutral footprint. We  help reduce poverty, restore forests around the world and employ villagers to plant 500 million trees annually by the year 2025.

Every jet charter operator reports the carbon emissions and the number of trees to be planted for our carbon neutral program.

Make trips. plant trees.

Please join us in making a difference and being part of the sustainable future in aviation 

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