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Gulfstream GV

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Aircraft Details:

Introducing the Gulfstream GV for global jet charter. In search of one of the best international business jets, look no further than this Gulfstream GV. The Gulfstream GV ultra-long range business jet has a range of 6,250 nautical miles, and is available for non-stop charter flights between such city pairs as Los Angeles to Beijing, New York to Moscow.
The Gulfstream GV jet cabin includes a full-sized galley with oven, microwave, sink and chiller that is equipped for cold and hot food preparation; power outlets for office equipment; Gogo Vision InFlight Entertainment with 150+ movies as well as airshow moving map and 4 passenger iPads; fold-out work tables; 6 beds and private lavatory with full vanity. Two Rolls-Royce engines provide the power for the Gulfstream GV.

The On Demand Jet Advantage

The On Demand Jet Advantage connects private aviation success with personalized service while exceeding the highest standards of safety. Our company aligns our core values with our clients expectations to provide the most reliable private jet charter experience every time. The company’s commitment to climate change exceeds industry standards through our carbon neutral sustainability program for every private jet charter. Our company leads the way to reduce the carbon footprint by partnering with Eden Reforestation and planting 500 million trees annually by the year 2025.

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Aircraft Details:



50' 1"

Cabin Length

6,250 miles

Flight Range

7' 3"

Cabin Width

562 mph

Cruise Speed

6' 2"

Cabin Height

226 cu ft



Golf Bags


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Optional Amenities

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