Cessna Citation CJ4

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Aircraft Details:

Introduced in 2010, the Cessna Citation CJ4 is the largest light jet in its class. Design highlights include a new wing design for better range, heated windshields and raised windows for better visibility. Internal and exterior baggage areas can accommodate a variety of luggage, golf clubs and skis. Passengers enjoy the cabin, with its comfortable oval fuselage and flat floor and the aircraft’s high cruise speed, allowing them to arrive at their destination up to 30 minutes before other comparable light jets.

The On Demand Jet Advantage

The On Demand Jet Advantage connects private aviation success with personalized service while exceeding the highest standards of safety. Our company aligns our core values with our clients expectations to provide the most reliable private jet charter experience every time. The company’s commitment to climate change exceeds industry standards through our carbon neutral sustainability program for every private jet charter. Our company leads the way to reduce the carbon footprint by planting millions of trees annually.

Aircraft Details:



17' 4"

Cabin Length

2,300 miles

Flight Range

4' 10"

Cabin Width

500 mph

Cruise Speed

4' 9"

Cabin Height




Golf Bags


Optional Amenities

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