Private Jet Charter San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico Private Jet Charter Info and Routes.

By choosing On Demand Jet, you can skip the hassle of connecting flights and fly directly to San Juan. With a plethora of exciting cruise opportunities, diverse entertainment options, and a wide range of recreational activities (our favorite is exploring the ocean by chartering a yacht), San Juan, will feel like a home away from home.

San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, is a vibrant city known for its historical sites, beautiful beaches, and lively culture. Here are the top 10 things to see and do in San Juan:

1. Old San Juan: Explore the charming cobblestone streets, colorful colonial buildings, and historic forts of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. El Morro and San Cristóbal Forts: Visit the impressive Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo San Cristóbal, both part of the San Juan National Historic Site.

3. La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site: Explore the oldest executive mansion still in use in the Americas, as well as the city walls and various sites within the historic area.

4. Condado Beach: Relax on the golden sands of this popular beach, known for its clear waters and vibrant atmosphere.

5. Isla Verde Beach: Another stunning beach option with calm waters, great for swimming and water activities.

6. Paseo de la Princesa: Stroll along this picturesque promenade, lined with historic architecture, gardens, and beautiful views of the bay.

7. Casa Bacardí: Take a tour of the world-famous Bacardí rum distillery and learn about the history and production of this iconic Puerto Rican spirit.

8. El Yunque National Forest: While not in San Juan itself, this nearby rainforest offers hiking trails, waterfalls, and diverse flora and fauna.

9. Plaza de Armas: The main square of Old San Juan, surrounded by colorful buildings, local shops, and cultural events.

10. Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico: Explore Puerto Rican art and culture through the collection of this museum, featuring works from various eras and styles.

Additionally, San Juan offers a vibrant culinary scene, with traditional Puerto Rican dishes and a fusion of international flavors. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor activities, or simply soaking up the local culture, San Juan has something to offer for every type of traveler.

Our private jet charter service operates regularly between Puerto Rico and all major cities, providing you with a range of aircraft options to suit your needs. Please call to find out more about empty leg options as well. Book your next trip to San Juan today by giving us a call!

Popular Private Jet Charter Routes

There are a number of On Demand Jet private jet charter routes that are popular among travelers to and from Chicago. Some of the most popular routes include flights to and from New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Miami. These routes are popular because they offer travelers a convenient and comfortable way to travel.

Private jet charters offer a number of benefits over traditional commercial flights, including increased privacy, flexibility, and convenience. If you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient way to travel, booking a private jet charter through On Demand Jet may be the perfect option for you.

For shorter routes On Demand Jet can book a very light jet and/or turboprop plane for regional airports such as General A. Way Downing Peoria International Airport, Quincy Regional Airport, and Central Illinois Airport at Bloomington-Normal.

Other Information

There are a number of On Demand Jet private jet charter routes that are popular among travelers to and from San Juan. Some of the most popular private jet charter routes to and from San Juan include: 

  • Jet charter from Miami to San Juan – Wheels up the flight takes about 2 hours from South Beach to Isle Verde Beach.
  • Private jet charter from Dallas to San Juan – In 4 ½ hours you can be watching football at AT&T Stadium and then be in Old San Juan dancing the night away.

  • Jet charter from Las Vegas to San Juan, Puerto Rico – In 7 hours you can be on the Las Vegas Strip then dance the night away in old town San Juan.

  • Private jet flight from Atlanta to San Juan – flying private in only 3+ hours can take you from Mercedes Stadium to Condado Beach.

For shorter routes On Demand Jet can book a light jet and/or turboprop plane for regional airports such as: 

  • Rafael Hernández Airport (BQN)
  • Mercedita Airport (PSE)
  • Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport (VQS)
  • Benjamín Rivera Noriega Airport (CPX)
  • Diego Jiménez Torres Airport (FAJ)

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) – Located in San Juan, this is the main international airport serving Puerto Rico and is one of the busiest in the Caribbean.

Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (SIG) – Also known as Isla Grande Airport, it’s located in San Juan and primarily serves general aviation and charter flights.

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